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The laboratory mainly deals with synthesis and characterisation of catalysts for reforming processes, which are obtained as powder, granulated or are used as a covered layer on preformed structures (monolith, metallic foils, foams) and/or as self-supported catalyst beds

The equipment for the preparation activity includes the following items: agitators, stirrers, shear pumps, ultrasonic cleaning baths, hydraulic press, muffle temperature-programmed, pH meter, etc.

Yet, the laboratory contains:
  • Temperature-programmed Analyser (Chemisorb 2750-Micromeritics) for measuring gas physisorption and chemisorption (TPR, TPO, TPD, BET single point, etc.) for catalyst characterisation.
  • Helium Pycnometer (MultiVolume Pycnometer 130 Micromeritics) for determining the density of porous solids.
Foto lab

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