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Banco SOFC-module

The laboratory is divided into several departments that are related to each accessory activity, such as development, prototyping, and test of energy systems for the energy production and storage from renewable and non-renewable sources.

The departments deals with the following activities:

  • Development and test of materials and components for vanadium redox flow batteries – the activity is supported by equipment addressed to test of components, single cells, and batteries. Furthermore, it is equipped with an electrodeposit system (electro spinning) to prepare electrode materials.
  • Characterisation of stack and SOFC and PEFC power systems with electric power higher than 5kW. – Test systems can characterise the stacks and the power modules through both standard procedures and ad hoc testing cycles. In the event of high power systems (beyond 20kW), the activity is relocated at the ITAE Test Centre.
  • Development and test of integrated systems for smart buildings – The department makes use of an external facility, outside the laboratory, which consists of an experimental housing unit with photovoltaic, solar roof panel, electric storage system, and ICT solutions for the integrated living. For experimental purposes, here it is possible to match cogeneration systems to innovative heat pumps, so that they can be characterised.

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