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impianto-2The GTL laboratory contains experimental equipment to carry out gas and liquid phase catalyst reactions, as well as some instruments for the characterisation of developed catalysts bulk and surface.

Methanol/DME – Pressure plant for the production of Methanol/DME with fixed-bed reactor and online GC analysis.

  • Fischer-Tropsch – Production of synthetic fuels from syngas, operating at high pressure (10-40 bar) with fixed-bed reactor and online GC analysis.
  • Pyrolysis Oils – Pyrolysis Oils Plant operating at high pressure to carry out catalytic test with three-phase Trickle Bed Reactor and online GC analysis with lines at high temperature.
  • Biodiesel – Autoclave operating at high temperature (up to 350°C) and pressure (up to 150 bar) to study the reaction of vegetable oil transesterification. Tubular membrane module that can be inserted during reaction.
  • Glycerol etherification – Autoclave operating at high temperature (up to 300°C) and pressure (up to 100 bar) to study the etherification reaction of glycerol to produce bio-additives for diesel fuels.
  • SCWG – Methane production through catalytic conversion of agro-industrial wastewater under water super critical conditions (TR≥374°C, PR≥220 bar).
  • TPR/TPO/TPD – Continuous flow plant operating at programmed temperature with a GC-MS system used to study catalysts: kinetic studies, bulk and surface characterisation..
  • FTIR – Heatable double-chamber Instrument, programmed temperature and pulse or flow feed, used to surface study of catalysts.

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