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Development of components for DAFC cells, PEM electrolysers and regenerative cells.

Preparation and characterisation of electrolytes, electrodes, membrane-electrode assemblies.

DAFC stacks and electrolysers design and assembly Electrochemical processes study through test stations for single cells and mini-stacks with electrochemical diagnostics.

Optical-electrochemical preparation and characterisation of DSSC solar cells and photoelectrolysis; design and realisation of devices as proofs of concept.

Electrochemical diagnostics on DSSC devices.

The laboratory contains the following main equipment:

Test stations for DAFC single cells (5-50-100 cm2) -Test stations for electrolysers single cells and regenerative cells (5-8 cm2)

Test stations for electrolysers mini-stacks (100 L/h H2)

Equipment for characterisation of DAFC mini-stacks for portable applications

Uniaxial press

  • FT-IR spectrophotometer

Autolab equipment (Potentiostats/Galvanostats/FRA) for electrochemical diagnostics (CV, Complex impedance, etc.)

Spray coating, depositing catalyst layers on membranes

  • Solar simulator

Solar system (source-chopper-monochromator)

Half-cell for the electrochemical characterisation of electrocatalysts and rotating disc electrode


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