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Pompe di calore ad adsorbimento lab 2

The laboratory activity mainly focuses on advanced preparation and characterisation of materials and adsorbent coating and phase change materials for thermal energy storage.

The various instruments available to measure thermophysical and absorption properties are as follows:

Mettler DSC1: Differential scanning calorimeter to measure the specific heat capacity and the enthalpy on adsorbent and phase change materials.

  • SETARAM MATIS Tci: Instrument to measure thermal conductivity of solid, liquid, and porous materials through the modified transient hot plate method.
  • SETARAM Labsys Evo: DSC/TG operating in vacuum to measure adsorption capacity of vapours on porous solids and simultaneous evaluation of the adsorption enthalpy.
  • DVS Surface Measurement System: thermogravimetric system to measure the equilibrium curves of vapours and gases on porous solids.

System to verify the hydrothermal stability of adsorbent materials undergoing accelerated aging cycles.