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Controller power train

The laboratory at the CNR-ITAE Test Centre, is equipped with a test station for hybrid power systems designed for transport having power up to 60 kW.
The test bench, which is realised to control the test on fuel cells, batteries and supercapacitors hybrid powertrain from control desk, allows to analyse both pure configurations that are formed by only one system and their parallel electrical system (hybrid configurations). Such system consists of an inverter that is able to feed the electricity provided by the test devices into the grid (simulation, propulsion test) and to withdraw the necessary current to charge batteries and/or supercapacitors. This is the simulation of the regenerative braking. The system is realised in order to investigate powertrain at different current and voltage levels; they are classified as follows:

  • Small scale (up to 12 kW) – Current = 0-200A – Voltage = 20-60V
  • Medium scale (between 12 and 30 kW) – Current = 0-200A – Voltage = 60-180V
  • Big scale (between 45 and 60 kW) – Current = 0-250A – Voltage = 180-400V

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