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DSR1, generatore di syngas da Diesel (0.5- 1.5 Nm3/H2)

Research and development activities relating to catalytic hydrogen production are carried out within ITAE by the research team “Technologies and catalytic materials for hydrogen production” (FPMAT).

The Research group has acquired remarkable experience in developing technologies and catalytic materials for hydrogen production to be used in fuel cells for stationary and/or mobile applications especially for energy distributed production. Furthermore, the research group has acquired experience in the synthesis and characterisation of catalysts for both the production of green fuels and their application in the environmental field.

The activity, as it is within the agreements with Industries, Public Bodies and National and European Projects, is based on the following objectives:

  • Development of catalysts for light hydrocarbons (Gas naturale, GPL, ) liquid hydrocarbons (Diesel), alcohols (Ethanol, Methanolo) reforming processes (Dry Reforming, Steam reforming , Partial Oxidation, Autothermal Reforming e Tri-reforming) and Water Gas Shift and Preferential Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide processes.
  • Development of structured catalysts as monoliths and/or foams for compact reforming reactors.
  • Small-scale hydrogen/syngas generators design and realisation (≤30 Nm3/h), which can be integrated with fuel cells (IPEM, HTPEM, SOFC) for residential and mobile applications.
  • Unit test for traditional sources and biofuels hydrogen production based on reforming technologies.
  • Realisation of plants for micro-scale catalyst testing.
  • Development of materials for biogas upgrading.
  • Development of simulation complete reforming processes simulation modelling for mass and energy balance.foam structured catalyst
  • Development of Refining and energy recovery processes (HDS, HDO, Hydrotreating and fuels upgradings)
  • Developement of catalytic oxidation and waste water treatment technologies and materials.

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