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Antonino Salvatore Aricò

ORCID:  http://orcid.org/0000-0001-8975-6215

Job Level: Research Supervisor – I level

e-mail: arico@itae.cnr.it

Link to Research Gate:

 Education and training 
-BA Degree in Industrial Chemistry: earned at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Natural Sciences at the University o Messina.
-Master’s Degree in Chemical Process Technology: earned at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Natural Sciences at the University of Messina.

Current Education Qualification: 
-Research Supervisor, I level, at  the Advanced Energy Technology Institute “Nicola Giordano” CNR-ITAE Messina.

Roles recently performed:

– SRG Italian Representative at the FCH JU – European Commission.

-Contract Manager “Electrochemical Processes for Energy Conversion – ET.P03.005-(SOFC, MCFC, DAFC, DSSC, Electrolysis)” related to the Project entitled “Energy distributed generation” carried out by the Department of “Engineering, ICT and Energy and Transport technologies” at the National Research Council

– Country manager at the CNR (National Research Council) for the European platform EERA (Joint Programme on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells) and the national platform AIREN on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells.

-Manager of the topic Energy Storage of the Foresight Project organised by CNR


Solid oxide fuel cells, direct methanol fuel cells, hydrogen-feed polymer cells for automotive applications, hydrogen production based on renewable sources through electrolysis process, ZEBRA and iron-air batteries, third generation solar cells and CO2 electrochemical conversion.

Coordination and Project Management

– Project Manager: three Community projects H2020 and the Seventh Framework Programme:

  • H2020 FCH JU HPEM2GAS Grant Agreement 700008 (hpem2gas.eu)
  • FP7 FCH JU Duramet Grant Grant Agreement 278054 (duramet.eu)
  • FCH JU HPEM2GAS Grant Agreement 300081 (hpem2gas.eu)

– Head of Research/Project Supervisor of 30 projects including: EC and national contracts (FP6, FP7- FET, PON, POR, PRIN, FISR-MIUR Projects), Bilateral Projects Italy-Canada (MAE), Italy-Mexico (CNR) and Private Contracts with international and national companies.

Publications and patents
-Author of 8 International Patents, around 250 publications on Science International Magazines (ISI) and as many Presentations during Conferences (around 30 among key-notes and invited lectures).

Author of a book on DMFC Fuel Cells (Publishing House: Novapublisher) and 8 Chapters (included in books) on Fuel Cells (Publishing House: Wiley, Marcel Dekker, Elsevier, ASME, Novapublisher).

Quotations Index:
He collected more than 12000 quotations with an H-index of 48 (Scopus) up to 2016.

He ranked fifth and eleventh in two special international charts of the 20 World Class Top Authors on “Fuel Cells” related to the years 1993-2003. These charts are drafted by the company THOMPSON ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) and are referred to the average amount of quotations per article and the total number of quotations appearing in publications on international magazines, respectively.
(http://www.esi-topics.com/fuelcells/authors/b1a.html; http://www.esi-topics.com/fuelcells/authors/b1c.html.).

 Teaching and training assignments: 
-Visiting professor for teaching “Nanostructured Materials“ at the University of Messina, Department of Engineering, Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering – Academic Year 2008-2009 and 2009-2010

-Assistant Supervisor of 2 theses to award the Degree in Industrial Chemistry and Chemistry at the University of Messina and Palermo. Supervisor (Mentor) of 5 PhD Dissertations at the University Tor Vergata (in Rome).


-Faculty Opponent of PhD Dissertations for the KTH Stockholm University, University of  Udine, University of Karaikudi, University of Marsiglia.

-Referee for various international magazines such as Nature and Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed.,
Advanced Materials, Energy and Environmental Science etc.-Reviewer of science projects for ASTAR Singapore, NRC Canada, ANR Francia, National Science Centre Poland, Programme Strategic Scientific Alliances (PSA), MIUR etc.



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