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The SYS Team aims mainly at developing fuel cell energy systems, batteries and supercapacitors for electricity generation for stationary and mobile application. Such topics are developed with a multidisciplinary approach that mainly focuses on engineering features. It is supported by activities aiming at developing materials and components for supercapacitors and batteries.

It deals with the following topics:

  • Developing fuel cells systems as multi-fuel power generators for civilian and industrial application. Selection and development of technologies with: a) pure hydrogen-feed PEFC power modules; b) grid natural gas-feed PEFC power modules supplied with reforming and co-generation system; c) natural gas-feed SOFC power modules.
  • Integrating grid electricity generation systems as active element in the grid with efficient energy flow exchanges between generators and the grid, and also between the grid and the final users – even through using innovative storage devices.
  • Fuel Cells/Batteries hybrid powertrain energy optimisation for transport. The electric motor, which drives the vehicle, can be battery-powered or powered by FC and supercapacitors. Such elements, which are connected in serial or in parallel, supply energy basing it on energy management and strategy and the hybridisation level that is going to be used.
  • Developing fuel cells power systems for application on means of navigation both in inland waterways and the marine environment.
  • Study oriented to the application of fuel cells in aeronautics as the hydrogen-feed auxiliary generator obtained from kerosene reforming.
  • Developing (nanostructured, polymeric) materials and components for the developing of supercapacitors and batteries.