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ITAE had a careful and open approach towards the innovation demand arising from the business world. From this perspective the construction of both a  technology transfer and the building of the Centre for the promotion of innovation and energy technology transfer (Test Centre).

Over the years, this way of working has allowed ITAE to build meaningful and long-lasting collaborations with several important industrial realities both in Italy and abroad.

The following partial list represents encompasses the enterprises that have been collaborating or are collaborating with the Institute:

Italian companies

Nuvera Fuel Cell; De Nora; Rodriquez Cantieri Navali S.p.A.; SOFC POWER S.p.A.; St Microelectronics; FIAMM S.p.A.; AVIO S.p.A.; Tozzi Renewable Energy; FR Engineering; Meridionali Impianti; Avio S.p.A.; Recuperator S.p.A.; Carlo Gavazzi Space S.p.A.; Pirelli S.p.A.; Fincantieri S.p.A.; SOL S.p.A.; ECO-RIGEN s.r.l; Italcementi S.p.A.; Signo Motus Srl; Terna S.p.A.;

Foreign companies

Solvay (Belgium); FuMA-Tech (Germany); Sud Chemie (Germany); Johnson Matthey PLC (USA); Viessmann Werke (Germany); Mitsubishi plastics (Japan); Toyota Europe (Belgium); SorTech AG (Germany); Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan).

The collaborations with the enterprises can be carried out mainly through three ways:

  • The joint participation to financial projects related to European (Horizon 2020), national (PON Research and Innovation, PON Enterprises and Competitiveness) or regional (PO FESR, PO FSE).
  • A commitment based on commissioned research agreements where the enterprise places and order for ITAE to carry out specific research and development activities;
  • Research collaboration contract/agreement in which ITAE and the enterprise, basing their commitment on a set research project, undertake to carry out specific activities together.

Beside directly collaborating with companies, ITAE also interacts with the local offices of the associations that represent the enterprises: Confindustria Sicilia, Confindustria Messina.

In particular, a project was organised in collaboration with Confindustria Messina; it was called “Energy Power Cluster” and the partnership included the INNOVABIC company from Messina, the University of Messina, and ComoNext, which is the science and technology park in Como. The project took place in two different provinces, which were Messina and Como, and it was addressed to the small and medium-sized enterprises belonging to the two areas. In Messina and other provinces, many activities have been carried out in favour of the small enterprises working in the leisure nautical sector; they encompassed the following activities: organisation of R2B (Research to Business) events, technology audit, and support to deploy pilot projects.


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