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Multidisciplinary research group that carries out studies and conducts research focused on analyzing the complex relationship between changes in the energy sector and changes in the social and economic spheres. Research activities aim, on the one hand, at the study of attitudes and behaviors of individuals and communities with respect to energy saving, consumption and production of renewable energy, on the other, at the analysis of socio-economic impacts deriving from introduction of new energy technologies and the growth of renewables in terms of investments, job creation, new professional skills and energy affordability.

In particular, the activities carried out by the research group include:

  • socio-economic analysis of the barriers that hinder the diffusion of innovative energy technologies;
  • analysis of consumers’ behaviors with respect to the adoption of systems and technologies aimed at saving and improving energy efficiency (behavioral energy efficiency programs, demand side management);
  • analysis of policies to support the energy transition and fostering renewable energy;
  • study of the economic impact of investments in new energy technologies at local level;
  • study of social dynamics, economic and regulatory conditions which foster the development of collective experiences for energy production and management (energy cooperatives, energy communities, consumer buying groups).

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