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ImageITAE research activities concern the development and characterisation of materials for energy conversion and storage; in particular, they refer to direct alcohol fuel cells, PEM electrolysers, and regenerative cells.

The activities are detailed as follows:

Direct alcohol or organic fuel-feed polymer cells with low molecular weight for portable, transport applications, auxiliary power unit (APU) systems and for distributed generation of electric power. The activity concerns the design of devices with high energy density, the development of high performance components, increasing their life span and cost reduction.

Hydrogen production from renewable energy systems. The process concerns electrolysis of water in devices that use proton-conducting membranes. The study regards the development of active components or membranes, catalysts for oxygen and hydrogen evolution, electrode supports able to ensure high performance, high efficiency, stability, corrosion resistance and adequate costs.

Regenerative or reversible fuel cells: the activity concerns the development and characterisation of materials and components, such as memabranes, catalysts, electrodes, as well as the design/realisation of devices. The aim is to guarantee notable savings in terms of materials, components and volume compared to the electrolyser-fuel cell system.


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