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storia_imgThe Advanced Energy Technology Institute (ITAE) “Nicola Giordano” was founded by the National Research Council (CNR) in 1980 with the name Chemical Methods and Processes for Energy Transformation and Storage Research Institute. In 2001, during the reorganisation of CNR scientific network, it gained its current name, and it was named after Nicola Giordano, a scientist from Messina (Sicily) who strongly promoted and supported the setting up of the Institute. He had been the director for sixteen year and he implemented the strategy and lines of research that are still developed and applied nowadays.

Firstly, the CNR-ITAE Institute had its headquarters in the old factory “De Pasquale”, which once was a plant where essential oils were produced. It was built in 1912 and converted into research labs in 1980. The strong growth of the Institute in its own field of expertise together with the raising of remarkable strategic interest in energy technology laid the foundations for granting funds from the Southern Italy Development Agency. This allowed the construction of a new, larger building that met the demands of a Research Institute. The new premises are located in front of the essential oils old factory and they have been opened and fully operational since 1993.. The complex spans three floors covering a total surface area of 4800 sq.m. and it includes laboratories, offices, a conference hall, the library, the accommodation room, and the canteen.  Nicola Giordano was the director of the Institute from 1980 until his death in May 1996. Afterwards  , the ITAE researcher Gaetano Cacciola was designed to manage the Institute as the director.

He presented his resignation on 8 July 2013.  Giovanni Restuccia (engineer), who already was an ITAE research manager, was appointed as Interim Director on 1st August 2013, and he carried out the task  until  16 February 2014.  Salvatore Freni (engineer), who already was an ITAE research manager, managed the Institute as the director has been  since 17 February 2014 to 31 August 2019. Afterwards Dr. Vincenzo Antonucci who already was an ITAE research manager was appointed as Interim Director on 1st   September 2019.


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