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AMBHER (Ammonia and MOF based Hydrogen for Europe) is a European project providing a holistic approach to tackle the short and long term energy storage challenges raised by the high degree of electrification our society is aiming for. Firstly, AMBHER is addressing the main societal, economic and technological questions coming together with the use of green ammonia as seasonal renewable energy storage. Simultaneously, AMBHER is developing and demonstrating innovative and cheaper compressed hydrogen storage potentially solving the gap toward local and economically relevant power-to-hydrogen hub.


CNR-ITAE will lead the WP3 “Key materials and components for long term Hydrogen Storage”. CNR-ITAE will contribute to developing highly thermally conductive structured catalysts and their integration with membranes in a membrane reactor for ammonia synthesis. Specifically, CNR-ITAE will work on activating 3D printed metallic Periodic Open Cellular Structures (POCs) with commercial and novel catalysts to reach a detailed rationalisation of the adopted procedures. Identification and optimisation of coating and packing methods, chemical-physical characterisations and catalytic tests will be used to understand how the design parameters (thermal conductivity of the supports, PPI, void fraction, pore size and interconnections, thickness of the catalytic layer etc..) can affect the overall performance and the thermal behaviour of the catalysts for ammonia synthesis. CNR will also collaborate to develop an efficient scale-up strategy capable of ensuring the necessary quantity of catalyst (in powder form and granules shape) to validate the AMBHER membrane reactor technology at the demonstrator scale.


For more details, please visit the official website (https://www.ambherproject.eu/) or contact the person in charge at ITAE Dr. Antonio Vita (CNR-ITAE project coordinator, antonio.vita@itae.cnr.it)




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