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The overall objective of the ZEOSOL project is to develop a new advanced solar cooling and heating product, using advanced heat exchanger technology and integrating a heat pump for covering peak demand. This new product is based on the further improvement and integration of the products already commercialized by Fahrenheit and Akotec. It uses synergies between the technologies of thermal chillers (heat to cooling technology) and heat pump (electricity to cooling technology) and combines know-how on design and manufacturing of adsorption chillers and solar thermal collectors in Germany, with the know-how in heat pump and dry cooling systems of CNR and NTUA.

The main innovation of the project is the adsorption chiller unit based on Fahrenheit’ patented zeolite coating technology, reducing the unit’s volume and cost by about two times. This new product is expected to become cost-effective and with high flexibility for providing both cooling (during summer) and heating (during winter) from the same compact product, being more competitive than existing mainstream solution, reducing energy costs of the end-users and leading to short ROI.

For more details, please visit the official web site (http://zeosol.eu/) or contact the person in charge at ITAE (salvatore.vasta@itae.cnr.it)


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