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The increasing water and energy demand for human requirements is fundamental for a sustainable development. New technologies (membrane processes) use artificial membranes for substances separation. Obtaining water by alternative purification processes represents an important topic. The project aim is a joint lab for development of not-pollutants separation systems, consolidating skills on innovative membranes with different features, tuned as function of employed separation technique (MF, UF, etc.) and processes operating the industrial-grade wastewaters purification by contaminants removal/recovery. The developed membranes will be tested in the most energetically favourable filtering processes, identifying the most appropriate process/membrane for wastewaters purification with high efficiency.

Joint activities. Stages of mexican students in Italy; stages of Italian team in Mexico (next stage: Dec. 2019); 3 mid-term meetings (next meeting: Oct. 2019 in Messina). Final meeting: Dec. 2019 in Mexico. Past conferences: 5th Int. Conf. Expo on Separation techniques, Paris (France) October 23-25 2017; Euromembrane 2018, Valencia (Spain) July 9-13 2018.

Devices acquisition by project funding: (2017) Contact Angle, (2018) Filtration System.

Principal investigator: Dr. Ada Saccà ada.sacca@itae.cnr.it


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