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Dissemination activities

The Institute’s dissemination activities provide for organising study days, work-related learning programs, and advanced vocational training courses.

Study Days “Know ITAE”

ITAE accepts school (of all levels), University, professional schools, and public/private institutions requests to visit the Institute. Visits are planned via formal request as submitted by the interested body and its related formal acceptance by the Institute. The Study days are organised on the basis of 2 stages: the first stage focuses on the presentation, and it mainly focuses on discussing topics relating to energy, its related issues and research activities. The second stage focuses on visiting laboratories, where the people in charge (or their deputies) present all the activities in detail through experiments and didactic demonstrations.

Contact personAndrea Frazzica

Team members: Davide Aloisio, Alessandra Palella, Matteo Panarello

Work-related learning

“Work-related learning” project organisation

The institute draws up contribution agreements with upper secondary schools for carrying out activities within the project “Work-related learning” as provided by Law 107/15. The training period, which is addressed to the students, develops in two stages: the first stage provides for lectures on topics concerning energy and ITAE’s research activities on it. They are taught in the classrooms at the Institute (around 25 hours). During the second stage, the students have the chance to attend lessons in the laboratory at the Institute under tutors’ (researchers and/or CTER from various research team) supervision in order to actively complete the school-work experience being involved in the experimental activities (25-35 hours). At the end of the project, the students are evaluated according to their efforts, behaviour and attitude towards respecting specific rules on the working place, and they are awarded a certificate of attendance with the final mark.

It is expected to start two periods of work-related learning for each school/academic year.

Contact personCatia Cannilla. Team members: Stefano Trocino

Advanced vocational training

The Institute organises Advanced vocational training courses on topics related to innovative energy technology development for people awarded a diploma or a degree. The team takes care of organising and managing such courses, and it avails itself of the support granted by colleagues at the Institute according to the topics discussed during the course.

Contact personAgatino Nicita


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