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During 2019, authors from ITAE published: 51 papers on ISI-indexed journals, 7 book chapters, 74 conference proceedings, 1 volume, 45 deliverables and working papers.

All the details and the archive of publications are available on the dedicated section on CNR website, on Scopus and Google Scholar.

Furthermore, authors from ITAE currently serve as Editors for the following Special Issues:

-JoVE Methdos Collection, Special Issue on Electrochemical devices operating at intermediate temperatures
-Sustainability (Ed. MDPI), Special Issue on Women for Sustainable Energy
-Applied Sciences (Ed. MDPI), Special Issue on Materials for Thermochemical Energy Storage
-Applied Sciences (Ed. MDPI), Special Issue on Materials for Thermal Energy Storage
-Catalysts (Ed. MDPI), Special Issue on Novel Catalyst Materials for Low Temperature Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers

-Catalysts (Ed. MDPI), Special Issue on Catalysis in an Electrochemical Cell: Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Electrolyzers and Electrochemical Sensors
-Thermo (Ed. MDPI), Special Issue on Cutting-Edge Technologies for Air Conditioning and Cold Production



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