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Training – Degree in Industrial Chemistry earned at the University at the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Messina.

He is Research Supervisor at the CNR-ITAE, former Chairman of the (ICE Italian Section) WG 105 Fuel Cells, an expert on energy matters in the CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) Commission (MIUR – Ministry of Universities and Research, DG TREN, IEA), former member of the SRA and work team IP HFC Platform. He is a member of the Energy Plan Department for the Sicily region, he is the author of more than 200 ISI works relating to the energy field (h-index 48). Former Vice President of the research team of the JTI (European Commission) for the activities on hydrogen and 7 PQ fuel cells.  Fomer member of the EUREC board, CNR representative in EERA Smart Grid and Smart Cities.

Recent Publications:

  1. Antonucci, V.; Branchini, L.; Brunaccini, G.; De Pascale, A.; Ferraro, M.; Melino, F.; Orlandini, V.; Sergi, F, Thermal integration of a SOFC power generator and a Na–NiCl2 battery for CHP domestic application, Applied Energy, 185 (2017) 1256-1267,
  2. Sergi, F.; Arista, A.; Agnello, G.; Ferraro, M.; Andaloro, L.; Antonucci, V., Characterization and comparison between lithium iron phosphate and lithium-polymers batteries , Journal of Energy Storage, 8, (2016) 235-243
  3.   A. Di Blasi, C. Busacca, O. Di Blasi, N. Briguglio, G. Squadrito, V. Antonucci. “Synthesis of flexible electrodes based on electrospun carbon nanofibers with Mn3O4 nanoparticles for vanadium redox flow battery application”. Applied Energy, vol. 190 (2017) 165-171.
  4. O. Di Blasi, N. Briguglio, C. Busacca, M. Ferraro, V. Antonucci, A. Di Blasi. “Electrochemical investigation of thermically treated graphene oxides as electrode materials for vanadium redox flow battery”. Applied Energy, vol. 147 (2015) 74-81.
  5.  Aricò, A.S., Siracusano, S., Briguglio, N., Baglio, V., Di Blasi, A., Antonucci, V. Polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysis: Status of technologies and potential applications in combination with renewable power sources (2013) Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 43 (2), pp. 107-118.
  6. Frazzica, A.; Briguglio, N.; Sapienza, A.; Freni, A.; Brunaccini, G.; Antonucci, V.; Ferraro, M. Analysis of different heat pumping technologies integrating small scale solid oxide fuel cell system for more efficient building heating systems. International journal of hydrogen energy, 40 (2015) 14746-14756.
  7. De Lorenzo G.; Andaloro L.; Sergi F.; Napoli G.; Ferraro M.; Antonucci V. Numerical simulation model for the preliminary design of hybrid electric city bus power train with polymer electrolyte fuel cell. International journal of hydrogen energy, 39 (2014) 1234-1294.
  8. Sergi, F.,Andaloro, L.,Napoli, G.,Randazzo, N.,Antonucci, V., Development and realization of a hydrogen range extender hybrid city bus, Journal of power sources, 250 (2014) 286-295.
  9. Longo, S.,Antonucci, V.,Cellura, M.,Ferraro, M., Life cycle assessment of storage systems: The case study of a sodium/nickel chloride battery. Journal of Cleaner Production (2014)
  10. Andaloro L.; Napoli G.; Sergi F.; Dispenza G.; Antonucci V., Design of a hybrid electric fuel cell power train for an urban bus. International journal of hydrogen energy, 38 (2013) 7725-7732.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Research Supervisor
  • Telephone number: +39 090624234
  • E-mail address: vincenzo.antonucci@itae.cnr.it