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Job Level: Indefinite-term contract (III Level)

e-mail: baglio@itae.cnr.it,

link a Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vincenzo_Baglio

ORCID: 0000-0002-0541-7169

Short CV:

Degree in Chemistry – University of Messina – 1998;

PhD in Environmental and Energy Materials – University of Rome “Tor Vergata” – 2005

Current Education Qualification: Tenured Researcher.

Scientific activity:

Development of materials and components for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells (DAFC);

Development of materials and components for SPE Electrolysers and Regenerative Systems;

Characterisation of the components’ solid state for polymeric electrolyte fuel cells, SPE electrolysers and regenerative systems;

Electrochemical investigations of polymeric electrolyte fuel cells, SPE electrolysers and regenerative systems;

Development and characterisation of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC);

Solar energy conversion turning it into hydrogen through photoelectrolysis;

Development of materials and electrochemical characterisation of  metal-air and Ni-NaCl batteries;

Electrochemical reduction of CO2.

Recent Publications:

  1. Sebastián, D., Baglio, V., Aricò, A.S., Serov, A., Atanassov, P.Performance analysis of a non-platinum group metal catalyst based on iron-aminoantipyrine for direct methanol fuel cells (2016) Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 182, pp. 297-305.
  2. Zignani, S.C., Baglio, V., Sebastián, D., Siracusano, S., Aricò, A.S.Enhancing ethanol oxidation rate at PtRu electro-catalysts using metal-oxide additives (2016) Electrochimica Acta, 191, pp. 183-191.
  3. D’Urso, C., Oldani, C., Baglio, V., Merlo, L., Aricò, A.S.Immobilized transition metal-based radical scavengers and their effect on durability of Aquivion® perfluorosulfonic acid membranes (2016) Journal of Power Sources, 301, pp. 317-325.
  4. Alegre, C., Modica, E., Lo Vecchio, C., Sebastián, D., Lázaro, M.J., Aricò, A.S., Baglio, V. Carbon Nanofibers as Advanced Pd Catalyst Supports for the Air Electrode of Alkaline Metal-Air Batteries (2015) ChemPlusChem, 80 (9), pp. 1384-1388.
  5. McKerracher, R.D., Alegre, C., Baglio, V., Aricò, A.S., Ponce De León, C., Mornaghini, F., Rodlert, M., Walsh, F.C. A nanostructured bifunctional Pd/C gas-diffusion electrode for metal-air batteries (2015) Electrochimica Acta, 174, pp. 508-515.
  6. Negro, E., Monteverde Videla, A.H.A., Baglio, V., Aricò, A.S., Specchia, S., Koper, G.J.M.Fe-N supported on graphitic carbon nano-networks grown from cobalt as oxygen reduction catalysts for low-temperature fuel cells (2015) Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 166-167, pp. 75-83.
  7. Siracusano, S., Van Dijk, N., Payne-Johnson, E., Baglio, V., Aricò, A.S. Nanosized IrOx and IrRuOx electrocatalysts for the O2 evolution reaction in PEM water electrolysers (2015) Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 164, pp. 488-495.
  8. Sebastián, D., Alegre, C., Gálvez, M.E., Moliner, R., Lázaro, M.J., Aricò, A.S., Baglio, V., Towards new generation fuel cell electrocatalysts based on xerogel-nanofiber carbon composites (2014) Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2 (33), pp. 13713-13722.
  9. Aricò, A.S., Stassi, A., D’Urso, C., Sebastián, D., Baglio, V. Synthesis of Pd3Co1@Pt/C core-shell catalysts for methanol-tolerant cathodes of direct methanol fuel cells (2014) Chemistry – A European Journal, 20 (34), pp. 10679-10684.
  10. Baglio, V., Amin, R.S., El-Khatib, K.M., Siracusano, S., D’Urso, C., Aricò, A.S., IrO2 as a promoter of Pt-Ru for methanol electro-oxidation (2014) Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16 (22), pp. 10414-10418.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Researcher
  • Telephone number: 090 624237; 090 624401
  • E-mail address: baglio@itae.cnr.it