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ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-5194-0305

  • Short form CV (as stated on the current version of our website) Education Qualifications and Specialisations: Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnic University of Milan, 2002, Tenured Researcher III level;

 Scientific activity:

  • Design, development and realization of Polymeric Electrolyte Fuell Cells (PEFC) stacks.
  • Sizing methodologies and numerical modelling of Fuel cells stacks (PEFC type).
  • Laboratory testing.

 Recent Publications:

  1. Urbani, G. Squadrito, O. Barbera, G. Giacoppo, E. Passalacqua, O. Zerbinati, “Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Mini Power Unit for Portable Application” Journal of Power Sources, 169 (2007) 334-337
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  3. Squadrito, G. Giacoppo, O. Barbera, F. Urbani, E. Passalacqua, L. Borello, A. Musso, I. Rosso, “Design and development of a 7kW polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack for UPS application”International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 35 (2010 ) 9983 – 9989
  4. Gatto, F. Urbani, G. Giacoppo, O. Barbera, E. Passalacqua “Influence of the bolt torque on PEFC performance with different gasket materials” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 36 (2011) 13043 – 13050
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  6. Giacoppo, O. Barbera, A. Carbone, I. Gatto, A. Saccà, R. Pedicini, E. Passalacqua, “1.5 kWe HT-PEFC stack with composite MEA for CHP application” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 38 (2013 ) 11619 e 11627
  7. Vasta, G. Giacoppo, O. Barbera, L. Calabrese, L. Bonaccorsi, A. Freni, “Innovative zeolite coatings on graphite plates for advanced adsorbers”Applied Thermal Engineering 72 (2014) 153 – 159
  8. Barbera, F. Mailland, S. Hovland, G. Giacoppo, “Energy and provision management study: A research activity on fuel cell  design and breadboarding for lunar surface applications supported by European Space Agency”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 39 (2014 ) 14079 – 14096
  9. Cipitì, O. Barbera, N. Briguglio, G. Giacoppo, C. Italiano, A.Vita, “Design of a biogas steam reforming reactor: A modelling and experimental approach”International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2016) , http//dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2015.12.053
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Contact Information

  • Position Title: Researcher
  • E-mail address: orazio.barbera@itae.cnr.it