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2002 – Degree in Industrial Chemistry, University of Messina.

2009 – PhD in “Chemical Technology and Innovative ”Processes, University of Messina.

Current Education Qualification: Indefinite-term contract

Scientific activity:

Mr. Giuseppe Bonura developed his know-how in the field of industrial chemistry especially focusing on heterogeneous catalysis. He carries out a research activity relating to local and international collaborations that aims at developing catalytic systems for the production of synthetic fuels and cleaner alternative fuels. Furthermore, over the years, he has been gaining a remarkable theoretical and practical knowledge relating to the most important analytical characterisation techniques of materials and a relevant experience in managing plants and systems and testing solid catalysts.

Main Publications:

  1. Frusteri, M. Cordaro, C. Cannilla, G. Bonura, Multifunctionality of Cu–ZnO–ZrO2/H-ZSM5 catalysts for the one-step CO2-to-DME hydrogenation reaction, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 162 (2015) 57-65.
  2. Bonura, M. Cordaro, C Cannilla, F. Arena and F. Frusteri, The changing nature of the active site of Cu-Zn-Zr catalysts for the CO2 hydrogenation reaction to methanol, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 152-153 (2014) 152-161.
  3. Bonura, M. Cordaro, C. Cannilla, A. Mezzapica, L. Spadaro, F. Arena and F. Frusteri, Catalytic behaviour of a bifunctional system for the one step synthesis of DME by CO2 hydrogenation, Catalysis Today 228 (2014) 51-57.
  4. Bonura, M. Cordaro, L. Spadaro, C. Cannilla, F. Arena and F. Frusteri, Hybrid Cu-ZnO-ZrO2/H-ZSM5 system for the direct synthesis of DME by CO2 hydrogenation, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 140–141 (2013) 16–24.
  5. Désaunay, G. Bonura, V. Chiodo, S. Freni, J-P. Couzinié, J. Bourgon, A. Ringuedé, F. Labat, C. Adamo, M. Cassir, Surface-dependant oxidation of H2 on CeO2surfaces, Journal of Catalysis 297 (2013) 193-201.
  6. Bonura, C. Cannilla, F. Frusteri, Ceria–gadolinia supported NiCu catalyst: A suitable system for dry reforming of biogas to feed a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 121–122 (2012) 135–147.
  7. Bonura, F. Arena, G. Mezzatesta, C. Cannilla, L. Spadaro, F. Frusteri, Role of the ceria promoter and carrier on the functionality of Cu-based catalysts in the CO2-to-methanol hydrogenation reaction, Catalysis Today 171 (2011) 251-256.
  8. Arena, G. Italiano, K. Barbera, G. Bonura, L. Spadaro, F. Frusteri, Basic evidences for methanol-synthesis catalyst design, Catalysis Today 143 (2009) 80-85.
  9. Bonura, O. Di Blasi, L. Spadaro, F. Arena and F. Frusteri, A basic assessment of the reactivity of Ni catalysts in the decomposition of methane for the production of “COx-free” hydrogen for fuel cells application, Catalysis Today 116 (2006) 298-303.
  10. Espro, G. Bonura, F. Arena, F. Frusteri, A. Parmaliana, F. Sini and V. Solinas, Factors affecting the efficiency of Nafion based catalytic membranes in the selective oxidation of light paraffins mediated by the Fenton system, Catalysis Today 91-92 (2004) 215-218.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Researcher
  • E-mail address: giuseppe.bonura@itae.cnr.it