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ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-8968-7245

Breve CV (come da sito web attuale) : Titoli di studio e specializzazioni: Degree in Materials Engineering, University of Messina, 2005, Tenured Researcher III level;

Scientific activity:

  • Development of Fuel Cells systems (PECF type);
  • Development of PEM Electrolysis stacks and system;
  • Electrochemical characterisation of components in single cell and stacks;
  • Development of components and stacks for high temperature vanadium flow batteries;
  • Products and processes LCA studies.

Recent Publications:

  1. Cipitì, F., Barbera, O.,  Briguglio, N.,  Giacoppo, G.,  Italiano, C.,  Vita, A. Design of a biogas steam reforming reactor: A modelling and experimental approach, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2015). Article in Press.
  2. Di Blasi, O., Briguglio, N., Busacca, C., Ferraro, M., Antonucci, V., Di Blasi, A. Electrochemical investigation of thermically treated graphene oxides as electrode materials for vanadium redox flow battery. (2015) Applied Energy, 147, pp. 74-81.
  3. Frazzica, A., Briguglio, N., Sapienza, A., Freni, A., Brunaccini, G., Antonucci, V., Ferraro, M.Analysis of different heat pumping technologies integrating small scale solidoxide fuel cell system for more efficient building heating systems. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Volume 40, Issue 42, 2015, Pages 14746-14756
  4. Di Blasi, A., Briguglio, N., Di Blasi, O., Antonucci, V. Charge-discharge performance of carbon fiber-based electrodes in single cell and short stack for vanadium redox flow battery. Applied Energy Volume 125, 15 July 2014, Pages 114-122
  5. Briguglio, N., Brunaccini, G., Siracusano, S., Randazzo, N., Dispenza, G., Ferraro, M., Ornelas, R., Aricò, A.S., Antonucci, V. Design and testing of a compact PEM electrolyzer system. (2013) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38 (26), pp. 11519-11529.
  6. Di Blasi, A., Andaloro, L., Siracusano, S., Briguglio, N., Brunaccini, G., Stassi, A., Aricò, A.S., Antonucci, V. Evaluation of materials and components degradation of a PEM electrolyzer for marine applications(2013) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38 (18), pp. 7612-7615.
  7. Aricò, A.S., Siracusano, S., Briguglio, N., Baglio, V., Di Blasi, A., Antonucci, V. Polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysis: Status of technologies and potential applications in combination with renewable power sources (2013) Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 43 (2), pp. 107-118.
  8. Di Blasi, A., Di Blasi, O., Briguglio, N., Aricò, A.S., Sebastián, D., Lázaro, M.J., Monforte, G., Antonucci, V. Investigation of several graphite-based electrodes for vanadium redox flow cell (2013) Journal of Power Sources, 227, pp. 15-23.
  9. Andaloro, A.P.F., Salomone, R., Andaloro, L., Briguglio, N., Sparacia, S. Alternative energy scenarios for small islands: A case study from Salina Island (Aeolian Islands, Southern Italy)(2012) Renewable Energy, 47, pp. 135-146.
  10. Briguglio, N., M, F., Dispenza, G., Brunaccini, G., Ornelas, R., Trifoni, E., Antonucci, V., Aricò, A.S. Development of a compact PEM electrolyzer system for applications with microdistributed renewable sources.(2012) ECS Transactions, 42 (1), pp. 95-100.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Researcher
  • E-mail address: briguglio@itae.cnr.it