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1999 – High School Degree in electronics and telecommunications

Current Education Qualification: Tenured Research Agency Technical Officer

Scientific activity:

He started his activity within the project “Low temperature fuel cells (DAFC-PEFC)” having an active role in carrying out design, realisation and calibration of PEFC fuel cells and stacks tools and accessories, and their related lab data analyses and processing. Subsequently, within the project “Thermal energy fed heat pumps” he takes care of optimising test stations for heat pumps utilising advanced adsorbent beds, carrying out measurements and tests on heat pumps and experimental components.  Recently, within the GTL group he takes care of operating biofuel production experimental lab systems.

Recent Publications:

  1. Frazzica, V. Palomba, B. Dawoud, G. Gullì, V. Brancato, A. Sapienza, S. Vasta, A. Freni, F. Costa, G. Restuccia, Design, realization and testing of an adsorption refrigerator based on activated carbon/ethanol working pair, Applied Energy 174 (2016) 15-24.
  2. Vasta, V. Palomba, A. Frazzica, F. Costa, A. Freni, Dynamic simulation and performance analysis of solar cooling systems in Italy, Energy Procedia 81 (2015) 1171-1183.
  3. Gullì, A. Sapienza, A. Caprì, F. Costa, D. La Rosa, V. Palomba, A. Freni, Innovative adsorption chiller for marine applications: Design and building, Energy Procedia 82 (2015) 432-438.
  4. Vasta, A. Freni, A. Sapienza, F. Costa, G. Restuccia, Development and lab-test of a mobile adsorption air-conditioner, International Journal of Refrigeration 35 (2012) 701-708.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Research Agency Technical Officer
  • E-mail address: fabio.costa@itae.cnr.it