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Orcid ID: 0000-0002-9928-1249

Training: Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Energy course – University of Palermo 2002;

Scientific activity:

  • Experimental activities on low and high temperature (PEFC ad SOFC) fuel cells (FC) and their integration with innovative technologies and renewable energy sources (FER).
  • Development and characterisation of fuel cells power systems;
  • Development of the equipment, test protocols, and regulations on fuel cells systems;
  • Automotive transport application: study and development of battery-feed and fuel cells-feed (FC) hybrid electrical powertrains for environmentally friendly vehicles, optimization of hybridization levels (configurations: total FC, range extender, APU), identifying the products for the application of PEFC systems, short term trials;
  • Design and development of hydrogen filling stations for vehicles integrated with renewable energy sources;
  • PEFC and SOFC fuel cells application in the stationary sector;
  • Design activity: PEFC and SOFC test stations, photovoltaic power systems, integrated systems (energy production based on renewable energy sources (FER) and hydrogen production);
  • Sicily region energy planning and new methods proposals on energy planning in the Industrial framework;
  • Exploitation of fossil sources and natural gas);
  • Liquefied Natural Gas supply chain: Liquefaction, Transport, Storage, Regasification.


Publications Selection:

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Contact Information

  • Position Title: Researcher (III level)
  • Telephone number: +39 090 624 285
  • E-mail address: giorgio.dispenza@itae.cnr.it