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Job Level Fixed-term contract Researcher

e-mail: durso@itae.cnr.it,

link a Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/C_DUrso

ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-2689-616X

Short CV:

Degree in Industrial Chemistry – University of Messina – 2002;

PhD in Environmental and Energy Materials – University of Rome “Tor Vergata” – 2010

Current Education Qualification: Fixed-term contract Researcher

Scientific activity:

– Preparation and chemical-physical and electrochemical characterisation of catalysts for electrochemical oxidation of methanol;

– Preparation and chemical-physical and electrochemical characterisation of proton exchange polymeric membranes for their use in direct methanol fuel cells;

– Development and characterisation of electrodes and membrane-electrode assemblies (MEA);

– Research and development of materials for direct methanol fuel cells for portable applications and their electrochemical characterisation;

– Development of direct methanol fed fuel cells.

–  Design of materials for small size cells prototypes (microcells DMFC, planar fuel cells DMFC) operating at low temperatures having Power between 1 and 2 W for portable application.

–  Study of electrochemical accumulators, such as high temperature batteries, especially development and characterisation of components for high temperature batteries (Ni-NaCl).

Recent Publications:

  1. O. Barbera, A. Stassi, D. Sebastian, J. Lindner Bonde, G. Giacoppo, C. D’Urso, V. Baglio, A.S. Aricò. “Simple and functional direct methanol fuel cell stack designs for application in portable and auxiliary power units”. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41, pp. 12320-12329 (2016)
  2. C. D’Urso, C. Oldani, V. Baglio, L. Merlo, A.S. Aricò. “Immobilized transition metal- based radical scavengers and their effect on durability of Aquivion® perfluorosulfonic acid membranes”. Journal of power sources, 301, pp. 317-325 (2016)
  3. Nicotera, V. Kosma, C. D’Urso, A.S. Aricò, V. Baglio. “ Methanol and proton transport in layered double hydroxide and smectite clay-based composites: influence on the electrochemical behavior of direct methanol fuel cells at intermediate temperatures”. Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 19, pp. 2053-2061 (2015).
  4. A.S. Aricò, D. Sebastian, M. Shuster, B. Bauer, C. D’Urso, F. Lufrano, V. Baglio. “Selectivity of direct methanol fuel cell membranes”. Membranes, 5, pp. 793-809 (2015).
  5. V. Baglio, D. Sebastian, C. D’Urso, A. Stassi, R.S. Amin, K. El-Khatib, A.S. Aricò. “Composite anode electrode based on iridium oxide promoter for direct methanol fuel cells”. Electrochimica Acta, 128, pp. 304-310 (2014).
  6. V. Baglio, R.S. Amin, K.M. El-Khatib, S. Siracusano, C. D’Urso, A.S. Aricò. “IrO2 as promoter of Pt-Ru for methanol electro-oxidation”. PCCP Physical chemistry chemical physics, 16, pp. 10414-10418 (2014).
  7. V. Baglio, C. D’Urso, D. Sebastian, A. Stassi, A.S. Aricò. “PtCo Catalyst with modulated surface characteristics for the cathode of Direct methanol fuel cells”. International Journal of hydrogen Energy, 39, pp. 5399-5405, (2014).
  8. A.S. Aricò, A. Stassi, C. D’Urso, D. Sebastian, V. Baglio. “Synthesis of Pd3Co1@Pt/C core-shell catalysts for methanol-tolerant cathodes of direct methanol fuel cells”. Chemistry, A European Journal 20, pp. 10679-10684 (2014).
  9. C. D’Urso, C. Oldani, V. Baglio, L. Merlo, A.S. Aricò. “Towards fuel cell membranes with improve lifetime: Aquivion® Perfluorosulfonic Acid membranes containing immobilized radical scavengers”. Journal of Power Sources, 272, pp. 753-758 (2014).
  10. V. Baglio, S.C. Zignani, S. Siracusano, A. Stassi, C. D’Urso, A.S. Aricò. “Composite anode electrocatalyst for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells”. Electrocatalysis, 4, pp. 235-240 (2013).

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Researcher
  • E-mail address: durso@itae.cnr.it