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ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-8200-2354

Degree: Electrical Engineering

Current position: Researcher

Scientific activity:  Design, test and development of energy generation and storage systems, integrating fuel cell systems, new generation batteries and renewable energy sources.

Smart grids, energy system planning, storage integration into electricity grids.

Recent publications

Micari, S., Foti, S., Testa, A., De Caro, S., Sergi, F., Andaloro, L., Aloisio, D., Napoli, G. Reliability assessment and lifetime prediction of Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles (2021) Electrical Engineering.

Andaloro, L., Napoli, G., Micari, S., Dispenza, G., Sergi, F., Fragiacomo, P., Antonucci, V. Experimental activities on a PEFC based powertrain for a hybrid electric minibus (2020) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 45 (58), pp. 34011-34023.

Ferraro, M., Brunaccini, G., Sergi, F., Aloisio, D., Randazzo, N., Antonucci, V. From Uninterruptible Power Supply to resilient smart micro grid: The case of a battery storage at telecommunication station (2020) Journal of Energy Storage, 28.

Brunaccini, G., Ferraro, M., Aloisio, D., Dispenza, G., Randazzo, N., Sergi, F., Antonucci, V. A Two-Level Fuzzy Logic Machine-Based Control Algorithm for Resilient Microgrids in ICT Applications (2020) Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 604, pp. 641-653.

Tumminia, G., Guarino, F., Longo, S., Aloisio, D., Cellura, S., Sergi, F., Brunaccini, G., Antonucci, V., Ferraro, M. Grid interaction and environmental impact of a net zero energy building (2020) Energy Conversion and Management, 203.

Antonucci, V., Artale, G., Brunaccini, G., Caravello, G., Cataliotti, A., Cosentino, V., Cara, D.D., Ferraro, M., Guaiana, S., Panzavecchia, N., Sergi, F., Tinè, G. Li-ion battery modeling and state of charge estimation method including the hysteresis effect (2019) Electronics (Switzerland), 8 (11).

Brunaccini, G., Sergi, F., Aloisio, D., Randazzo, N., Ferraro, M., Antonucci, V. Fuel cells hybrid systems for resilient microgrids (2019) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44 (38), pp. 21162-21173.

Dispenza, G., Sergi, F., Napoli, G., Antonucci, V., Andaloro, L. Evaluation of hydrogen production cost in different real case studies (2019) Journal of Energy Storage, 24.

Sergi, F., Brunaccini, G., Aloisio, D., Randazzo, N., Polito, R.M., Pietrucci, M., Fadda, M.G., Ferraro, M., Antonucci, V. Evaluation of a Li-Titanate battery module in primary frequency control ancillary service conditions (2019) Journal of Energy Storage, 24.

Palomba, V., Ferraro, M., Frazzica, A., Vasta, S., Sergi, F., Antonucci, V. Experimental and numerical analysis of a SOFC-CHP system with adsorption and hybrid chillers for telecommunication applications (2018) Applied Energy, 216, pp. 620-633.



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