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Lead Researcher

1982 – Degree in Industrial Chemistry, University of Messina.

1986 – PhD in “Industrial Catalysis”, University of Messina.

Current Education Qualification: Research Supervisor

Scientific activity:

Currently, Mr. Francesco Frusteri is the Project Manager for the ITAE project “Alternative Fuels Production” and supervises the Research Group GTL. His primary interest is the heterogeneous catalysis. In particular, he engages in developing new catalytic systems aiming at optimising the industrial processes, lowering environmental impact, and promoting the use of new fuels for green energy production, and their transport application. Mr. Frusteri is the Manager of various National and International Projects. For a decade, he has been involved in teaching activities as a visiting professor a the University of Messina. He teaches: Industrial Chemistry Physics, Technology for Environmental Protection, Industrial  Chemical Plants with Labs.
Mr. Frusteri carries out the scientific activity within the following topics: study of catalysts and catalytic activity; fundamental studies and “model” reactions; structured catalysts; catalytic processes for methane and light paraffins conversion turning them into value-added products; membrane catalytic reactors for hydrogen production and partial oxidation products; production of synthetic fuels and biofuels from syngases containing CO2 and also bio-alcohol; production of biofuels through transesterfication and deoxygenation.

Recent Publications:

  1. A. Afanasenko, S. Elangova, MC.A. Stuart, G. Bonura, F. Frusteri, K. Barta, Efficient N-alkylation of amines with alcohols using a simple-to-prepare nickel catalyst, Catalysis Science & Technology 8(21) (2018) 5498-5505
  2. Tavella, F., Ampelli, C., Frusteri, L., Frusteri, F., Perathoner, S., Centi, G. Development of photoanodes for photo-electrocatalytic solar cells based on copper-based nanoparticles on titania thin films of vertically aligned nanotubes  Catalysis Today Vol 304 (2018) 190-198
  3. Catia Cannilla, Giuseppe Bonura, Fabio Costa, Francesco Frusteri, Biofuels Production by Esterification of Oleic Acid with ethanol using a membrane assisted reactor in vapour permeation configuration Appl. Catal A: General 566 (2018) 121-129
  4. Ahmed Sadeq Al-Fatesh , Yasir Arafat , Ahmed Aidid Ibrahim , Hanan Atia , Anis Hamza Fakeeha , Ahmed Elhag Abasaeed , Francesco Frusteri  Evaluation of Co-Ni/Sc-SBA–15 as a novel coke resistant catalyst for syngas production via CO2 reforming of methane
    Appl. Cat. A, General 567 (2018) 102-111
  5. G. Bonura, M. Migliori, L. Frusteri, C. Cannilla, E. Catizzone, G. Giordano, F. Frusteri
    Acidity control of zeolite functionality on activity and stability of hybrid catalysts during DME production via CO2 hydrogenation
    Journal of CO2 Utilization, 24 (2018) 398-406
  6. M. Migliori, E. Catizzone, A. Aloisee, G. Bonura, L. Gòmez-Hortiguele, L. Frusteri, C. Cannilla, F. Frusteri, G. Giordano
    New insights about coke deposition in methanol-to-DME reaction over MOR-MFI and FER-type zeolites , J. of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 68 (2018) 196-208
  7. P. Bartoccia, M. Pergolarib, Carlo Beatricec, Francesco Frusterid, G. Bidinia, F. Fantozzia, Batch pyrolisis of pellet made of biomass and crude glycerol: mass and energy balances,  Renewable Energy, 124(2018) 172-179
  8. Hita, Idoia; Deuss, Peter; Bonura, Giuseppe; Frusteri, Francesco; Heeres, Hero, Biobased chemicals from the catalytic solvent-free depolymerization of Kraft lignin using supported noble metal catalysts Fuel Processing Technology 179 (2108) 143-153
  9. Zhuohua Suna, Anaís Couto Vasconcelos, Giovanni Bottari, Marc C. A. Stuart, Giuseppe Bonura, Catia Cannilla, Francesco Frusteri, Katalin Barta , Efficient catalytic conversion of ethanol to 1-butanol via the Guebet reaction over copper and nickel doped porous oxides, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering – 5(2) (2017) 1738-1746
  10. Wang Yin, Zhenchen Tang, Robertus Hendrikus Venderbosch, Zheng Zhang1, Catia Canilla, Giuseppe Bonura, Francesco Frusteri, Hero Jan Heeres, An efficient, one step Synthesis of C6 Sugar Alcohols from Levoglucosan and Disaccharides using a Ru/CMK-3 Catalyst, ACS Catalysis 6 (7) (2016) 4411-4422

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Lead Researcher
  • E-mail address: francesco.frusteri@itae.cnr.it