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ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-0694-9060

SCOPUS: 23994229900

Education Qualifications and Specializations:

Degree in Mechanical Engineering – University of Catania, 1997.

PhD in Electronic, Automation, Complex Systems and Control Engineering – XXIII cycle – University of Catania, 2010

Current Education Qualification:

Researcher III level

Scientific activity:

Design, development, and characterisation of components for fuel cells electrochemical devices.

Design and integration of fuel cells systems.

Design and realisation of integrated measure systems for fuel cells stacks and systems.

Design, characterisation, and development of electrochemical systems for hydrogen compression and purification

Design of systems aiming at being applied in the automotive industry, and other fields, such as portable, aerospace, and marine.


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Contact Information

  • Position Title: Researcher