1976 – Scientific High School Diploma

Current Education Qualification: Research Agency Technical Officer

Scientific activity:

He is involved in an activity that he mainly carries out within the ITAE Project called “Alternative fuels production”. He gained remarkable experience both in the field of design, realisation and management of lab-microplants for the study of catalyst reactions, and the analysis gas chromatographic sector. He carries out activities as the Coordinator of the Staff in charge of the management of major equipment and also the X-ray Fluorescence Supervisor. Yet, he is the Supervisor of the Institute emergency team.

Recent Publications:

  1. Bonura, M. Cordaro, C. Cannilla, A. Mezzapica, L. Spadaro, F. Arena and F. Frusteri, Catalytic behaviour of a bifunctional system for the one step synthesis of DME by CO2 hydrogenation, Catalysis Today 228 (2014) 51-57.
  2. Frusteri, C. Cannilla, G. Bonura, L. Spadaro, A. Mezzapica, C. Beatrice, G. Di Blasio, C. Guido, Glycerol Ethers Production and Engine Performance with Diesel/Ethers Blend, Topics in Catalysis 56 (2013) 378-383.
  3. Giuseppe Bonura, Catia Cannilla, Manuela Cordaro, Aldo Mezzapica, Francesco Frusteri, Cermet innovative anodes for Bio-SOFC, The Chemistry and the Industry (Nov./Dic. ’12) 107-111.
  4. Spadaro, G. Bonura, O. Di Blasi, A. Mezzapica, F. Frusteri, Activity and stability of iron based catalysts in advanced Fischer-Tropsch technology via CO2-rich syngas conversion, Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 163 (2007) 1-6.
  5. Arena, T. Torre, A. Venuto, F. Frusteri, A. Mezzapica and A. Parmaliana, Tailoring effective FeOX/SiO2 catalysts in methane to formaldehyde partial  oxidation, Catalysis Letters 80 (2002) 69-74.
  6. Frusteri, F. Arena, G. Martra, S. Coluccia, A. Mezzapica, and A. Parmaliana, Mechanistic evidences of the synthesis of methyl formate from methane and air ooxide catalysts, Catalysis Today 64 (2001) 97-102.
  7. Martra, F. Arena, S. Coluccia, F. Frusteri, A. Mezzapica and A. Parmaliana, Two-step synthesis of methyl formate from CH4 and air via formaldehyde: surface reactivity of oxide catalysts towards HCHO, Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 130 (1999) 3591-3596.
  8. Arena, F. Frusteri, A. Mezzapica and A. Parmaliana, Kinetic and Mechanistic Study of the Partial Oxidation of Methane to Formaldehyde on Silica Catalysts, Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 130 (1999) 3585-3590.
  9. Parmaliana, F. Arena, F. Frusteri and A. Mezzapica, High Yields in the Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Natural Gas to Formaldehyde: Catalyst Development and Reactor Configuration, Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 119 (1998) 551-556.
  10. Parmaliana, F. Frusteri, F. Arena, A. Mezzapica and V. Sokolovskii, Synthesis of methyl formate via two step methane partial oxidation, Catalysis Today 46 (1998) 117-125.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Research Agency Technical Officer
  • E-mail address: aldo.mezzapica@itae.cnr.it