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Job Level Research Agency Technical Officer (Italian C.T.E.R.) IV level.

e-mail: giuseppe.monforte@itae.cnr.it

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The research activity of technical nature is mainly directed towards design, realisation, and management of test systems for fuel cells (stacks and single cell), electrolysers, and batteries. Furthermore, he collaborates on the development and chemical-physical and electrochemical characterisation of materials and components for fuel cells, batteries and photovoltaic power system. Such research activity is mainly carried out within institutional projects, active contracts and international collaborations, achieving the expected objectives for such activity. Moreover, he holds a task as the XPS equipment (PHI System ESCA 5800) Manager for the X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy aiming at the analysis and study of the structure of materials.

Recent Publications:

  1. “Electrochemical investigation of a large SOFC fed with n-dodecane reformate” Trocino, S.,  Lo Faro, M.,   Zignani, S.C.,  Monforte, G.,  Aricò, A.S. ECS Transactions Volume 68, Issue 1, 2015, Pages 2845-2849


  1. “Ni-based alloys as protective layer for a conventional solid oxide fuel cell fed with biofuels” Lo Faro, M.,  Trocino, S.,  Zignani, S.C.,  Reis, R.M.,  Monforte, G.,  Ticianelli, E.A.,  Aricò, A.S. ECS Transactions  Volume 68, Issue 1, 2015, Pages 2653-2658
  1. “Design of supported PtCo electrocatalysts for pemfcs“ Stassi, A., Gatto, I.,  Saccà, A.,  Patti, A.,  Monforte, G.,  Baglio, V.,  Aricò, A.S. ECS Transactions Volume 69, Issue 17, 2015, Pages 263-272
  2. “Endurance study of a solid polymer electrolyte direct ethanol fuel cell based on a Pt-Sn anode catalyst“ Zignani, S.C., Baglio, V., Linares, J.J., Monforte, G., Gonzalez, E.R., Aricò, A.S. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Vol. 38, Issue 26, 30 August 2013, pp. 11576-11582
  3. “Investigation of several graphite-based electrodes for vanadium redox flow cell“ Di Blasi, A., Di Blasi, O., Briguglio, N., Aricò, A.S., Sebastián, D., Lázaro, M.J., Monforte, G., Antonucci, V. Journal of Power Sources Volume 227, 2013, Pages 15-23.
  4. The effect of thermal treatment on structure and surface composition of PtCo electro-catalysts for application in PEMFCs operating under automotive conditions“  Stassi, A., Gatto, I., Monforte, G., Baglio, V., Passalacqua, E., Antonucci, V., Aricò, A.S. Journal of Power Sources Volume 208, 15 June 2012, pp. 35-45
  5. “Performance and selectivity of Pt xSn/C electro-catalysts for ethanol oxidation prepared by reduction with different formic acid concentrations“ Zignani, S.C., Baglio, V., Linares, J.J., Monforte, G., Gonzalez, E.R., Aricò, A.S. Electrochimica Acta Volume 70, 30 May 2012, Pages 255-265
  6. “Glycerol oxidation in solid oxide fuel cells based on a Ni-perovskite electrocatalyst” Lo Faro, M. , Minutoli, M., Monforte, G., Antonucci, V., Aricò, A.S. Biomass and Bioenergy Volume 35, Issue 3, March 2011, pp. 1075-1084
  7. “Enhanced ionic conductivity in planar sodium-β“-alumina electrolyte for electrochemical energy storage applications“ La Rosa, D., Monforte, G., D’Urso, C., Baglio, V., Antonucci, V., Aricò, A.S. ChemSusChem Volume 3, Issue 12, 17 December 2010, pp. 1390-13973.
  8. “Surface properties of Pt and PtCo electrocatalysts and their influence on the performance and degradation of high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells” Aricò, A.S., Stassi, A., Gatto, I., Monforte, G., Passalacqua, E., Antonucci, V Journal of Physical Chemistry C114 (2010) 15823-15836

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Research Agency Technical Officer