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ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6133-3293

Education Qualifications and Specializations:

High School Diploma, Qualified Industrial Chemist

Qualification: Tenured Research Agency Technical Officer, IV Level

Equipment Manager of dynamo mechanics analysis equipment

Scientific activity:

  • Preparation of gas diffusion electrodes (GDE) and catalyzed membranes (CM) for fuel cells.
  • MEA preparation with both Nafion traditional and non-perfluorophosphonic membranes.
  • Chemical-physical characterisation of electrodes and starting materials, which encompasses thickness measures, thermogravimetric analysis, and dynamic mechanical analysis.
  • Measurements of electrochemical characterisation in single cell-scale test stations from 5 to 160 cm2 and PEFC stack from 10 W to 5 kW.
  • Development of dedicated electrodes and MEA for the realisation of single cell having different geometries and surfaces (from 5 to 160 cm2).
  • Development of electrodes and MEA that are suitable for being used in stack configuration.
  • Development of electrodes and MEA for electrochemical devices, such as AMFC cells and hydrogen compressor.


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Contact Information

  • Position Title: Research Agency Technical Officer
  • Personal Title: Mrs
  • Location: Main Building - office 25
  • Telephone number: 090-624240
  • E-mail address: assunta.patti@itae.cnr.it