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Job Level: Permanent employment contract Reseacher


link a Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lidia_Pino

ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-3298-9197

Degree in Industrial Chemistry;

PhD: PhD in Catalysis Chemical and Technology

Current Education Qualification: Lead Researcher

In 1981, she started a collaboration with the CNR Institute “Energy Transformation and Storage” of Messina taking care of the H2 production through photochemical decomposition of H2O, synthesis, and catalytic activity of zeolites. In 1984, she won a scholarship relating to a Contest by Pumex S.p.A. In Lipari (Messina) on the topic “Different use of Lipari’s pumice”. In 1985 she obtained a research assignment drawn up with Plastionica S.p.A. in Augusta (SR) to be used as the Industrial Chemistry professorship at the University of Messina for the optimisation of the synthesis of zeolites from Pumice and other natural silicoaluminates such as, Pearlite, Tuff, and Kaolin process. In the two-year period ranging from 1986 to 1988, as the winner of the following two post graduate specialisation scholarships, relating to a Contest by the Lincean National Academy – Donegani Foundation and used at the Industrial Chemistry Institute of the University of Messina, he developed a research on the topic “Beckmann Rearrangement in the vapour phase of cyclohexanone oxime to caprolactam”. From December 1988 to January 2001 she was employed with Researcher contracts (Five-year contract pursuant to Art. 26-1 paragraph – Law 70/75) of the National Research Council at the Energy Transformation and Storage Institute of Messina to carry out the research activity on Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells, high thermal conductivity adsorbent materials for adsorption heat pumps, Development of an hydrogen generation “multifuels” unit of 10 Nm3/h based on Partial Oxidation of light hydrocarbons and fuels being integrated with low and high temperature Fuel Cells, respectively.

Since January 2001, she has been a permanent employment contract Researcher at the CNR Advanced Energy Technology Institute “Nicola Giorando” of Messina.

  • Science Manager of the Module “Materials for H2 generation, and  CO2 separation and re-use within the Project “Catalytic Technology and Systems for Hydrogen production”of the ITAE Institute (from January 2005 to December 2015).
  • Scientific Projects Manager (PIA Innovazione, Misura 2.1.a) and operating unit Manager within numerous National and European Research projects.
  • Reviewer of publications appearing on international magazines about Catalysis (J. of Catalysis, Applied Catalysis A and B; Catalysis Communications, Catalysis Today, Catalysis Sci. Technol., Chem Eng J., J. Mol. Catal. A, J. Phys. Chem., Int. J. Hydrogen Energy).

Scientific activity;

Hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites from natural raw materials (pumice, tuff, pearlite) especially focusing on A zeolite and ferrous zeolite synthesis. Issues concerning the employment of A zeolite in detergency as the substitute for tripolyphosphate , and ferrous zeolites in feed materials and agriculture. Catalytic activity and zeolites synthesis (ZSM-5) for reactions, such as isomerisation of m-xylene, alkylation of toluene with methanol, Beckmann rearrangement of cyclohexanone oxime to caprolactam. Use of zeolites in adsorption systems (heat pumps): issues relating to the implementation of thermal conductivity of zeolite beds.

  • Fuel cells systems for electric energy production. Synthesis of supported metal catalysts, characterisation, studyof phenomena linked to the morphological features, stability of the performances of catalysts in its electrode configuration.
  • Development of catalytic systems for H2 generation from traditional and/or renewable sources (hydrocarbons, biogas) that must be integrated with fuel cells.  Catalytic processes (partial oxidation, autothermal reforming, tri-reforming, dry reforming) for syngas production, new catalysts synthesis methods, characterisations, and evaluation of the catalytic activity/stability. CO reduction through selective oxidation and/or adsorption on supported copper salt.
  • Biogas upgrading processes through CO2 adsorption.


Awards and Recognitions

2012  – Research Award “Energy and Mobility 2012” ,Pino, A. Vita, F. Cipiti, M. Laganà, V. Recupero, “Hydrogen Production by Methane Tri-reforming process over Ni-ceria catalysts: Effect of La doping” , Applied Catalysis B : Environmental 104 (2011) 64-73.

2014 – Awarded best poster, Italiano, A. Vita, C. Fabiano, M. Lagana’, L. PINO, Bio-hydrogen production by oxidative steam reforming of biogas over nanocrystalline Ni/CeO2catalysts”, WHEC 2014, 20th World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2014, June 15-20, Gwangiu, Korea

2014 – Awarded best presentation, Vita, G. Cristiano, C. Italiano, L. PINO, S. Specchia, “Biogas steam and oxy-steam reforming reactions over Me/CeO”, AIChE 2014 Annual Meeting, Atlanta GA (Paper 444c).

Recent Publications:

  1. L. PINO, C. Italiano, A. Vita, C. Fabiano, V. Recupero, “Sorbents with high efficiency for CO2 capture, based on amines-supported carbon, for biogas upgrading”, J. Env. Sciences 48 (2016)138-150
  2. A. Vita, C. Italiano, C. Fabiano, L. PINO, M. Laganà, V. Recupero, ” Hydrogen-rich gas production by steam reforming of n-dodecanePart I: Catalytic activity of Pt/CeO2 catalysts in optimized bed configuration” Appl. Catal. B 199 (2016) 350-360.
  3. C. Fabiano, C. Italiano, A. Vita, L. PINO, V. Recupero, “Performance of 1.5Nm3/h hydrogen generator by steam reforming of n-dodecane for naval applications”, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 41 (2016) 19475-19483.
  4. R. Balzarotti, C. Italiano, L. PINO, C. Cristiani, A. Vita, “Ni/CeO2-thin ceramic layer depositions on ceramic monoliths for syngas production by Oxy Steam Reforming of biogas” Fuel Proc. Technology. 149 (2016) 40-48.
  5. C. Italiano, R.Balzarotti, A. Vita, S. Latorrata, C. Fabiano, L. PINO, C. Cristiani, “Preparation of structured catalysts with Ni and Ni-Rh/CeO2 catalytic layers for syngas production by reforming processes”, Catalysis Today 273 (2016) 3-11.
  6. A. Vita, G. Cristiano, C. Italiano, L. PINO, S. Specchia, “Syngas production by methane oxy-steam reforming on Me/CeO2 (Me = Rh, Pt, Ni) catalyst lined on cordierite monoliths”, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 162 (2015) 551-563.
  7. C. Italiano, A. Vita, C. Fabiano, M. Laganà, L. PINO, “Bio-hydrogen production by oxidative steam reforming of biogas over nanocrystalline Ni/CeO2 catalysts”, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 40 (2015) 11823-11830.
  8. L. PINO, A. Vita, M. Laganà, V. Recupero, “Hydrogen from biogas: Catalytic tri-reforming process with Ni/La-Ce-O mixed oxides”, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 148-149 (2014) 91-105.
  9. U.-E-S. Amjad, A. Vita, C. Galletti, L. PINO, S. Specchia, “A Comparative Study on Steam and Oxidative Steam Reforming of Methane with Noble Metal Catalysts”,Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 52(2013) 15428-15436.
  10. L. PINO, A. Vita, F. Cipiti, M. Laganà, V. Recupero “Hydrogen Production by Methane Tri-reforming process over Ni-ceria catalysts: Effect of La doping”, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 104 (2011) 64-73.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Lead Researcher
  • Personal Title: PhD
  • Telephone number: +39090624231
  • E-mail address: lidia.pino@itae.cnr.it