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Job Level  Research Supervisor

e-mail:  vincenzo.recupero@itae.cnr.it

link to Research Gate:  https://www.researchgate.net

ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-6452-9905

Degree in Chemical Engineering;

PhD: Catalysis Chemical and Technology

Current Education Qualification; Research Supervisor

Scientific activity;

In 1983, he started to collaborate with an Industrial Chemistry professorship of the University of Messina and the CNR Institute “Energy Transformation and Storage” of Messina especially taking care of chemical energy storage systems that use the liquid-liquid and gas-solid pairs.

From June 1987 to December 1991, as appointed by the ITAE Director, he held a task as the Science Manager of the CNR Ordinary Research Project “Direct conversion of chemical energy into electric energy”: Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells”.

From February 1992 to February 1996, as appointed by the ITAE Director, he held a task as the Science Manager of the CNR Ordinary Research Project “Research and development of Fuel Cells Systems integrated by Hydrogen Generation Units”.

From February 2000 to December 2014, as appointed by the ITAE Director, he held a task as the Science Manager of the CNR Ordinary Research Project “Hydrogen Generation from Traditional Sources” and “Hydrogen Generation from Renewable Sources”.

From January 2005 to December 2015 he held a task as the Science Manager of the project “Catalytic Technologies and Systems for hydrogen production and storage”

Currently, he is:

  • Internal Scientific Consultant (ISC) and Member of the CNR ITAE
  •  Member of the Board of Directors – Hydrogen Italian Forum (www.forumh2.it)
  • ITAE’s contact person for the project “Maritime Technologies” DIITET Department 
  • Chair of the evaluation panel “Advanced Manufacturing and Transformation”, in the framework of the MISE calls “Sustainable Growth Fund”
  •  Coordinator of the Coordination Board “Energy Efficiency” Technology Cluster of Maritime Transport “Navtec” ( http://www.navtecsicilia.it/ )

Development of Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells systems integrated by one unit of steam reforming of methanol for vehicle application.
Development and validation of models concerning the temperature distribution and mass balance analysis for the reforming processes of light hydrocarbons.
Development of reduction of CO systems (based on the preferential oxidation and adsorption/desorption process).
Development of hydrogen generators for fuel cells based on (steam and/or oxy) reforming of light hydrocarbons (i.e.: natural gas, propane), biofuels (bioethanol, production waste of the agroindustrial, farm, and food industry) and production waste of the electronic components sector.
Design, realisation, and management of functional verification test of hydrogen production demonstration units having produced hydrogen capacity equal to 1 – 30 Nm3h.
Design of Small-scale polymeric electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC) stack (< 10 kWeq)

Total publications and conferences : 170

Publications on magazines:

  1. Vita A.; Italiano C.; Fabiano C.; Pino L.; Lagana M.; Recupero V. (2016) “Hydrogen-rich gas production by steam reforming of n-dodecane: Part I: Catalytic activity of Pt/CeO2 catalysts in optimized bed configuration”, pp 350-360. Applied catalysis. B, Environmental.
  2.  Concetto Fabiano, Cristina Italiano, Antonio Vita, Lidia Pino, Massimo Laganà, Vincenzo Recupero (2016), “Performance of 1.5 Nm3/h hydrogen generator by steam reforming of n-dodecane for naval applications” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.  Lidia Pino, Cristina Italiano, Antonio Vita, Concetto Fabiano, Massimo Laganà, Vincenzo Recupero (2016)
    “Sorbents with high efficiency for CO2 capture based on amines-supported carbon for biogas upgrading” . pp 138 – 150. Journal of Environmental Sciences.
  3. Vita, Antonio; Pino, Lidia; Cipitì, Francesco; Laganà, Massimo; Recupero, Vincenzo (2014), “Biogas as renewable raw material for syngas production by tri-reforming process over NiCeO2 catalysts: Optimal operative condition and effect of nickel content” . pp 47 – 58. Fuel Processing Technology.
  4.  Lidia Pino, Antonio Vita, Massimo Laganà, Vincenzo Recupero (2014), “Hydrogen from biogas: Catalytic tri-reforming process with Ni/La-Ce-O mixed oxides” . pp 91 – 105.  Applied Catalysis. B, Environmental
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Contact Information

  • Position Title: Research Supervisor
  • Telephone number: 090 624232
  • E-mail address: vincenzo.recupero@itae.cnr.it