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Research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ada_Sacca

ORCID: 0000-0003-2897-0626

Education Qualifications and Specializations: Degree in Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Natural Sciences – University of Messina, 2001 PhD in “Environmental and Energy Materials” – XVIII cycle, University of Tor Vergata, Rome, 2006. 2nd Level Master’s Degree in “Hydrogen production systems and Fuel cells vehicles”, University of Messina, 2008.

Current Education Qualification: Researcher III level

Scientific activity: 1) Development and characterisation of components for hydrogen-fed (PEFC) Polymeric Electrolyte Fuel Cells, especially the following items: – Pure Nafion-based membranes and composite membranes through the insertion of inorganic materials; S-PEEK and s-PSF based non-perfluorosulfonic membranes; study of parameters relating to membrane preparation, their features, and film processes; – reinforced membranes through the introduction of PET and PEEK based polymeric tissues; – non-perfluorosulfonic polymeric blends membranes containing sulfonic and nitrogenous groups; – chemical-physical and structural characterisation of polymeric film through water retention measures, ion exchange capacity, dimensional stability, swelling, optical microscopy, XRD analysis, thermal analysis measures (TG-DSC, DMA), morphological analysis (SEM-EDX); – MEA assembly and components for fuel cells; electrochemical characterisation of membranes and MEA in terms of ion conductivity in PEFC single cell through polarisation curves, impedance measures, crossover of H2 and cyclic voltammetry, in situ stability and degradation; study and preparation of ionomer to enhance the electrode configuration of MEA for applications on PEFC; – synthesis of inorganic materials and proton conductors (supported and non-supported on inorganic oxides) to be used as a filler for membranes and electrodes; their characterisation (TG-DSC, XRD, solubility measures, pH of % slurry, BET to define the superficial area, elemental analysis (CHNS-O). 2) development and characterisation of components for electrochemical devices, especially the following items: – pure s-PSF and s-PEEK membranes and composite membranes having various degrees of sulfonation for their application on Redox flow Batteries (RFBs); – perfluorosulfonic and polycyclic aromatic membranes for application on electrochemical hydrogen compressors (EHC); – anionic membranes for application in AMFCs; – characterisation of the membranes for their application through the suitable techniques (see number 1).


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Contact Information

  • Position Title: Researcher
  • Personal Title: Dr
  • Location: Main Building - office 25
  • Telephone number: 090 624 275
  • E-mail address: ada.sacca@itae.cnr.it