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link a Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alessio_Sapienza

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3284-3128

Short CV :

Degree in Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering – University of Messina – earned in 2004 receiving a final mark of 110/110 cum laude.

From 2005 to 2010 he collaborated with the Advanced Technologies for Energy Institute (CNR-ITAE) as a research fellow and research assistant. Since 2010, he has been a fixed-term contract Researcher pursuant to Article 23 of the Presidential Decree 171/91 at the above mentioned Institute.

Honorary fellowship within the teaching related to “machines and energy systems” and “technical physics” at the faculty of Engineering at the E-Campus University.

Degree in Materials Engineering

PhD in Materials Engineering and Chemical earned at the PhD School – Engineering Sciences and Advanced Physics Technologies at the University of Messina

Current Education Qualification; researcher

Scientific activity:

The scientific activity concerns the development of advanced technologies for the storage and transformation of thermal energy, especially concerning the development of adsorption air-conditioners, thermal energy storage systems, and the analysis of complex energy systems (trigeneration and solar powered systems) He published more than 60 scientific works ranging from conference proceedings and publications on international magazines, a book and 37 technical reports. The activity was carried out according to the national and international program framework, in collaboration with industries and Italian and foreign research teams.


-Science Manager of the Project “ADSORPTION AIR-CONDITIONERS FOR NAUTICAL APPLICATIONS (GREEN CHILLER). Budget Euro 391.947,00. Duration: 36 months as of 01/07/2012.

-CNR Science Manager of the Research Module ET.P03.004.001 “Materials and components for adsorption heat pumps” for the years 2014 and 2015.

– Member of the Advanced Technologies for Energy Institute – Institute Council (ITAE)


-year 2016: visiting researcher, within the program relating to international exchanges “short term mobility” promoted by CNR at the Fraunhofer ISE Institute (Institute for Solar Energy Systems) of Friburg, Germany. Research Program: ”Development of evaporators for adsorption chillers“.

-year 2013: visiting researcher, within the program relating to international exchanges “short term mobility” promoted by CNR at the Fraunhofer ISE Institute (Institute for Solar Energy Systems) of Friburg, Germany. Research Program: ”Testing of components for adsorption cooling applications”.

-Year 2009: visiting researcher, within the bilateral agreement for scientific and technology cooperation between the National Research Council and the Russian Academy of Sciences at the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis in Novosibirsk (Russia). Research Program: “Measurement of ads/desorption dynamic properties of the Water/SWS 8L working pair under typical operating conditions for adsorption chillers”.

-year 2007: visiting researcher, within the program relating to international exchanges “short term mobility” promoted by CNR at the Energy Engineering Institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). Research Program: ” Modelling and simulation of residential CCHP systems based on fuel cell and heat driven cooling machine”.

(Total number of publications and conferences Patents, awards, etc.):

  • 26 Articles on JCR indexed magazines
  • 1 Article on JCR non-indexed magazines with ISSN
  • 9 Publications on national conference proceedings
  • 26 Publications on international conference proceedings
  • 33 External Technical Reports
  • 4 Internal Technical Reports
  • 1 Book/Chapter

Recent Publications:

  1. Sapienza, S. Santamaria, A. Frazzica, A. Freni, Influence of the management strategy and operating conditions on the performance of an adsorption chiller. Energy 36 (2011) 5532-5538
  2. Sapienza, I.S. Glaznev, S. Santamaria, A. Freni, Yu.I. Aristov, Adsorption chilling driven by low temperature heat: new adsorbent and cycle optimization, Applied Thermal Engineering 32 (2012) 141-146
  3. Yu. I. Aristov, A. Sapienza, D.S. Ovoshchnikov, A. Freni, G. Restuccia, Reallocation of adsorption and desorption times for optimization of cooling cycles, International Journal of Refrigeration, 35 (2012) 525-531
  4. Freni, A. Sapienza, I.S. Glaznev, Yu.I. Aristov, G. Restuccia, Experimental testing of a lab-scale adsorption chiller using a novel selective water sorbent “silica modified by Calcium Nitrate”, International Journal of Refrigeration, 35 (2012) 518-524
  5. Alessio Sapienza, Salvatore Santamaria, Andrea Frazzica, Angelo Freni, Yuri I. Aristov , Dynamic study of adsorbers by a new gravimetric version of the Large Temperature Jump method, Applied Energy 113 (2014) 1244–1251
  6. Salvatore Santamaria, Alessio Sapienza, Andrea Frazzica, Angelo Freni, Ilya S. Girnik, Yuri I. Aristov, Water adsorption dynamics on representative pieces of real adsorbers for adsorptive chillers, Applied Energy 134 (2014) 11-19
  7. Giulio Santori, Salvatore Santamaria, Alessio Sapienza, Stefano Brandani, Angelo Freni, A stand-alone solar adsorption refrigerator for humanitarian aid, Solar Energy 100 (2014) 172–178
  8. Angelo Freni, Lucio Bonaccorsi, Luigi Calabrese, Angela Caprì, Andrea Frazzica, Alessio  Sapienza, SAPO-34 coated adsorbent heat exchanger for adsorption chillers, Applied Thermal Engineering 82 (2015) 1-7
  9. Alessio Sapienza, Andrea Frazzica, Angelo Freni, Yuri Aristov, Dramatic effect of residual gas on dynamics of isobaric adsorption stage of an adsorptive chiller, Applied Thermal Engineering 96 (2016) 385–390
  10. Alessio Sapienza, Giuseppe Gullì, Luigi Calabrese, Valeria Palomba, Andrea Frazzica, Vincenza Brancato, Davide La Rosa, Salvatore Vasta, Angelo Freni, Lucio Bonaccorsi, Gaetano Cacciola, AN INNOVATIVE ADSORPTIVE CHILLER PROTOTYPE BASED ON 3 HYBRID COATED/GRANULAR ADSORBERS, Applied Energy 179 (2016) 929–938

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Researcher
  • Telephone number: 0039.090.624229
  • E-mail address: alessio.sapienza@itae.cnr.it