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Degree in Industrial Chemistry (5 years), 2nd Level Master’s Degree in Catalysis.


Scientific activity:

Since 1985, his interest is oriented toward the research activity in the sectors relating to electric energy production and storage. In the production field he contributed to the development of components and phosphoric acid (PAFC), solid polymer electrolyte (PEMFC), and heteropolyacid electrolyte (HPAFC) fuel cells systems. In the storage field he developed components and small prototypes of supercapacitors. He was the Science Manager of the following projects: “Fuel Cells working at low temperature”; “Development of a new 100 W fuel cell based on a superacid electrolyte”; “New proton conductors materials for fuel cells working at mid-low temperature”; “Supercapacitors for transport application and portable systems”; “Innovative materials for advanced energy technology”. Italian Coordinator in international bilateral collaborations with the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Republic of Slovenia. Coordinator of a CNR (MST II) project aiming at “Developing an electrolytic membrane for PEM fuel cells”. CNR Project Manager named “Energy technology systems”. Manager of a PON Project named “Environmentally friendly new process having reduced operational risk aiming at the recovery of and recycling materials that are part of the lead batteries. He is the author of 60 publications on international scientific magazines with referee, eight patents, and more than 70 presentations during national and international conferences.
Recent Publications Selection:


1) Pietro Staiti, Francesco Lufrano – “Nafion and Fumapem polymer electrolytes for the development of advanced solid-state supercapacitors” – Electrochimica Acta 206 (2016) 432-439.

2) E.G. Calvo, F. Lufrano, A. Arenillas, A. Brigandì, J.A. Menendez, P. Staiti – “Effect of unequal load of carbon xerogel in electrodes on the electrochemical performance of asymmetric supercapacitors” – Appl. Electrochem. 44 (2014) 481-489.

3) S. Siracusano, V. Baglio, F. Lufrano, P. Staiti, A.S. Aricò – “Electrochemical characterization of a PEM water electrolyzer based on a sulfonated polysulfone membrane” – Membrane Science 448 (2013) 209-214.

4) E.G. Calvo, F. Lufrano, P. Staiti, A. Brigandì, A. Arenillas, J.A. Menendez – “Optimizing the electrochemical performanceof aqueous symmetric supercapacitors based on activated carbon xerogel” – J. Power Sources 241 (2013) 776-782.

5) F. Lufrano, V. Baglio, P. Staiti, V. Antonucci, A.S. Aricò – “Performance analysis of polymer electrolyte membranes for direct methanol fuel cells” – Power Sources 243 (2013) 519-534.

6) F. Lufrano, V. Baglio, O. Di Blasi, P. Staiti, V. Antonucci, A.S. Aricò – “Solid polymer electrolyte based on sulfonated polysulfone membranes and acidic silica for direct methanol fuel cells” – Solid State Ionics 216 (2012) 90-94.

7) P.Staiti, A. Arenillas, F. Lufrano, J.A. Menendez – “High Energy ultracapacitor based on carbon xerogel electrodes and sodium sulfate electrolyte” – J. Power Sources 214 (2012) 137-141.

8) F. Lufrano, V. Baglio, O. Di Blasi, P. Staiti, V. Antonucci, A.S. Aricò – “Design of efficient methanol impermeable membranes for fuel cells applications” – Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 14 (2012) 2718-2726.

9) V. Baglio, F. Lufrano, O. Di Blasi, P. Staiti, V. Antonucci, A.S. Aricò – “Electrochemical behavior of direct methanol fuel cells based on acidic silica-sulfonated polysulfone composite membranes” – ECS Transactions 41 (2011) 2003-2009.

10) F. Lufrano, P. Staiti, E.G. Calvo, E.J. Juarez-Perez, J.A. Menendez, A. Arenillas – “Carbon xerogel and manganese oxide capacitive materials for advanced supercapacitors” – Int. J. Electrochem. Sci. 6 (2011) 596-612.


Contact Information

  • Position Title: Lead Researcher
  • Telephone number: +39 090 624 226
  • E-mail address: pietro.staiti@itae.cnr.it