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ITAE  activity features a continuing and steady interaction with the enterprises, the Universities, the Research Centres, the Public Administrations and the local authorities.
The Institute makes its research asset and staff skills available to the businesses with the purpose of strengthening the relationship between research and industry.
Innovation and the results arising from the research and development activity are transferred through different tools and varied forms of collaboration:

  • PATENTS – protection and enhancement of the intellectual property for the results arising from the research carried out in the ITAE research labs;
  • SPIN-OFF – support for setting up businesses based on technologies and expertise acquired at ITAE;
  • INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSJER PROJECTS – combined or commissioned collaboration with external representative (such as enterprises, University, local authorities) for the development and realisation of projects aiming at spreading and applying new energy technologies.

In order to strengthen and increase the transfer and spread of the results arising from its own research and development activity, the Research and Technology Transfer Support Office has been established. It was entrusted with the task of helping the research in enhancing the results arising from the research and the technology transfer processes.

Yet, in order to ease the spread of know-how and results arising from the research and development activity carried out at ITAE, the il Centre for the promotion of innovation and energy technology transfer (Test Centre)has been established. The building is close to the main headquarters, and it expands on 1100 sq.m. of roofed surface area plus a lower-ground level with restroom. Tha facility allows the organisation and the support for the relationship between potential users and new energy technologies production that will be soon on sale.

In particular, the Centre provides for three lines of services:

  1. Testing and trials of prototypes: such activity allows to test new energy systems – mainly fuel cells – but also hydrogen generators, hydrogen storage systems, and thermally driven heat pumps, in order to characterise them and make them suitable for any different future stationary application or in the transport field;
  2. Scientific and technical consulting and support activity for the use of new energy technologies and the start of industrial initiatives related to the production of materials, components, and complete systems employing such energy technologies;
  3. Certified technical staff training for the management and supervision of energy technology industry production plants or systems.

Laboratori mobili centro prove

In the Centre is located the registered office and operational headquarters of the “Technology Cluster of Maritime, Commercial and LeisureTrasport  – Sicilia Navtec”, which has also been promoted byITAE . The Technology Cluster main goal revolves around the spreading of technology innovation in the maritime transport field. The Enterprises Cluster encompasses public and private research bodies, the Sicily region and some trade associations.


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