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The activities on Thermal Energy Systems include the following lines of research:

Investigated fields of application include:

  • Heating/cooling of buildings;
  • Heating/cooling in industries;
  • Refrigeration and cooling in fishing vessels;
  • Building comfort;
  • Integration of renewable-based energy systems.










Materials characterization

  • Thermogravimetric apparatus for measurement of ad/absorption and co-ad/absorption of vapours on solids and liquids from room up to 400°C with relative pressure from 0.01 up to 0.95 (DVS Vacuum)
  • HF-DSC for phase transition and specific heat measurements from -50 °C up to 800 °C (Mettler DSC-1)
  • TG/DSC apparatus working under pure saturated vapour conditions, from room temperature up to 600 °C (Setaram Labsys-Evo)
  • Test rig for hydrothermal ageing of adsorbent materials. Temperature range from 30 °C to 90 °C and relative pressure from 0.1 to 0.99. Able to perform up to 150 ageing cycles per day.
  • Transient plane thermal conductivity apparatus (Mathis-TCi).
  • NMR Bruker AVANCE NEO spectrometer with a 300 MHz widebore magnet equipped with probes for both liquid and solid state.
  • Stelar Spinmaster FFC-2000 Fast Field-Cycling NMR relaxometer.
  • FTIR Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100 spectrophotometer .

Characterization of components:

  • Test rig for single adsorber adsorption machines testing up to 1 kW of cooling/heating power.
  • Test rig for sorption kinetic measurements of small scale adsorber configurations.
  • Test rig for small scale evaporator/condenser testing under saturated pure vapour working conditions.

Thermal systems testing

  • 24 kW heating power test rig for thermal energy storages.
  • Test rig for thermally driven heat pumps/chillers up to 20 kW heating power and 10 kW cooling power.
  • Test rig for thermally driven heat pumps/chillers up to 60 kW heating power and 40 kW cooling power.


  • AutoCAD 2018;
  • Solidworks 2017;
  • MATLAB 2017;
  • Comsol Multiphysics 5.4
  • TRNSYS18;
  • Dymola 2018;
  • Origin 2018



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