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The activity on testing and integration of lab-scale and full-scale systems is carried out in the framework of different national, EU and industrial projects. Main focus of the activity is the development, optimization and testing of prototypes, pre-commercial and commercial sorption and hybrid heat pumps and chillers.

Different systems and configurations can be investigated, including:

  • Adsorption chillers/heat pumps
  • Hybrid adsorption-compression chillers and heat pumps
  • Cascade adsorption-compression chillers and heat pumps
  • Gas-driven hybrid adsorption-compression heat pumps.

Several fields of applications were examined:

  • Heating/cooling in buildings;
  • Heating/cooling and refrigeration in industries;
  • Cooling and refrigeration in fishing vessels;
  • Solar cooling;
  • CHP and CCHP using fossing fuel engines, fuel cells or biomass gasificators.

For testing, purposes, two testing rigs are available. They are equipped with heat sources and sinks, to provide constant temperature and power levels to the system under testing, up to 16 kWcooling and 27 kWcooling. The sensors installed in the testing rigs include:

  • Temperature sensors (class A “T” thermocouples and 1/10 DIN Pt 100)
  • Magnetic flow meters,
  • Class 1 energy meter;
  • Differential pressure sensors, to calculate pressure drops.

Moreover, all the hydraulic circuits in the testing rigs are equipped with variable speed pumps, in order to guarantee the maximum flexibility possible in testing different system in nominal and off-design conditions.


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