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Fuel Cells Minibus and Service Station

Fuel Cells Minibus and Service Station

Mini bus a celle a combustibile e stazione di servizio

Fuel cell minibus and smart refuelling station

Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Minibus 

– Seats : 16 + 1
– Engine power: Power rating: 40 kW, Peak: 80kW
– Battery power: Power rating: 30 kW, Peak: 120kW
– Battery Energy: 65 kWh
– Fuel Cell System Power (PEFC): 20kW
– H2 Storage: 300l, 350bar
– Power consumption (Average): 0,6 kWh/km

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Minibus Design and construction The hydrogen is produced through renewable sources-feed electrolyser (100 kW PV plant) and an energy storage system (300 kWh batteries) that allows the intelligent management of the micro-smart grid.