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Materials for selective transport and hydrogen storage

Materials for selective transport and hydrogen storage

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The laboratory is equipped with tools to develop and characterise polymeric and inorganic materials for selective transport, and also for both PEFC applications and hydrogen and other gases storage.

The laboratory contains the following main equipment:

  • ultrasonic cleaning bath;
  • feeler gauge to determine materials thickness;
  • Scales with different tare weight;
  • Rotavapor rotary evaporator;
  • magnetic stirring hotplates and vertex of various dimensions for treatments/characterisation of solutions.
  • vacuum and air circulating heaters for treatment of polymers and membranes;
  • forced water circulation thermostat system for functionalisation of polymers;
  • Film systems for the realisation of polymeric membranes (filmographs);
  • Automatic titrator for the determination of the ionic exchange capacity (IEC) of the membranes;
  • cell for the permeability measurement;
  • Heated water bath and cryo-thermo reactors;
  • glove box with vacuum and/or inert-gas system for the controlled atmosphere synthesis of materials;
  • Gravimetric analysis system with a scale based on magnetic coupling for the analysis/characterisation of solid materials for H2 storage.

Evaporatore rotante (Rotavapor)Foto 7a. Bagno a ultrasuoni