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Polymeric electrolyte Fuel Cells

Polymeric electrolyte Fuel Cells

Dispositivo Sievert di analisi volumetrica

The laboratory is equipped with apt tools to develop and characterise materials and components for PEFC. The following equipment is available in the laboratory:

Development of basic components:

  • Ink deposition through manual spray system to realise electrodes;
  • Ink deposition through manual spray system to realise electrodes;
  • thermocontrolled digital hydraulic press;
  • ultrasonic cleaning baths;
  • air circulating heater for thermal treatments related to the preparation of electrodes and membrane electrode assemblies (MEA) having a surface of up to 400 cm2;
  • laser precision cutting system;
  • Nikon SMZ1500 optical microscope;
  • Gas chromatograph to determine the degree of cells/stacks feed gas
  • volumetric analysis system with Sievert’s method for the characterisation in terms of gas adsorption-desorption, kinetics and reversible cycles on solid materials for hydrogen storage.

Cell configuration study

  • Numerical controlled milling machine for manufacturing process and cooling plates for single cells and stacks;
  • station for the ionic conductivity measurement connected to a proton exchange membrane commercial cell;
  • test cells (5-200 cm2), mini-stack (up to 1kW) and test stations up to 5kWW with operating potential between 25 and 150°C, pressures between 1 and 6 bar for the electrochemical characterisation of components for PEFC (I-V curves, durability, stability, and degradation tests, and impedance measurements EIS, cyclic voltammetry measurements CV). In particular, the laboratory has three test stations Fuel Cells Technologies for the characterisation of components in single cell, a test station for the characterisation of components in electrochemical hydrogen compressor (EHC) configuration, and a Lynntech test station for the characterisation of stacks up to 5kW.

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