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Administration and Finance

Contact person: Clara Campanella
Tel. 090-624245
e-mail: clara.campanella@itae.cnr.it

Mario Giorgianni (Tel. 090-624244 e-mail: mario.giorgianni@itae.cnr.it)

Matteo Panarello (Tel. 090-624266 e-mail: matteo.panarello@itae.cnr.it)

Mariagiovanna Bottari (Tel. 090-624265 e-mail: maria.bottari@itae.cnr.it)

Diego Giorgianni (Tel. 090-624261 e-mail: maria.bottari@itae.cnr.it)

Administrative and accounting management. It encompasses management of cash flow movements, issuing of money order, banking relationships, checking receipts and payments, liquidity management and control. Employment and research contracts drafting and management.


Contact person: Gaetano Domenico Maggio
e-mail: gaetano.maggio@itae.cnr.it
Tel. 090-624243
Book heritage management: cataloguing, classification, borrowing, etc. Magazines, printed and/or on-line volumes subscriptions and access management. Institute’s own publications catalogue management. Institute’s own publications citation and statistic analysis

Network services management and development

Contact person: Natale Mondello
e-mail: natale.mondello@itae.cnr.it
Tel. 090-624239
Basic network services management. Safety management: firewall, authorisations, passwords, protocols, etc.
Geographical network (lines, modems, routers, etc.). Server backups management.

Equipment Management

Contact person: Aldo Mezzapica
e-mail: aldo.mezzapica@itae.cnr.it
Tel. 090-624239
Common big equipment usage planning:

Equipment functional obsolescence analysis. Routine maintenance works.

– Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM-EDAX). (Contacts: Massimo laganàCatia Cannilla)
– Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM-EDAX). (Contacts: Francesco Frusteri , Susanna Maisano)
– X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). (Contacts: Giuseppe MonforteStefania Siracusano)
– X-Ray diffractometer (XRD). (Contacts: Alessandro StassiAlessandra Carbone)
– X-Ray Fluorescence ultimate analysis (XRF). (Contacts: Aldo MezzapicaLorenzo Spadaro)
– B.E.T. (Contacts: Natale MondelloVincenza Brancato)
– DMA. (Contacts: Assunta PattiDavide, La Rosa)
– Thermal Analysis instrument (TGA-DSC). (Contacts: Antonino BrigandìRolando Pedicini)
– Elemental Analysis instrument (CHNS-O). (Contacts: Maurizio MinutoliCosta Fabio)
-Computer cluster (Contacts: Giosuè Giacoppo, Valeria Palomba)



e-mail: itae@itae.cnr.it

Contact person: Patrizia Gravé (Tel. 090-624257 e-mail: patrizia.grave@itae.cnr.it)

Management Support for staff management (working days, time off, authorisations, holidays, etc.) Protocol management. Incoming and outgoing documents management. Meetings, conferences and missions planning support. ITAE scientific documents archiving (publications, scientific reports, patents, etc.)

Technical Services

Contact person: Massimo Laganà

Tel.: +39.090.624-227-256 -297 – Fax: +39.090.624.247

e-mail: ufftec@itae.cnr.it

Emanuele Frosina (Tel. 090-624227 e-mail: emanuele.frosina@itae.cnr.it)

Samuele Di Novo (Tel. 090-624227 e-mail: dinovo@itae.cnr.it)

Systems management (heating-conditioning, technical gas distribution, electric system, telephone system, maintenance of the structure, common workshop, conference hall and accommodation room) and relationship with companies that undertake a contract for security and cleaning services or maintenance works within ITAE.


Contact person: Francesco Frusteri
e-mail: francesco.frusteri@itae.cnr.it
Tel. 090-624233
Workplace safety management in close coordination with the office at the Administrative Headquarters.


Contact person: Antonio Salvatore Vita

Other contacts: Gaetano Squadrito, Davide Aloisio, Carmelo Lo Vecchio, Agatino Nicita, Alessandra Palella, Valeria Palomba 

• Managing editor: Dott. Antonio Vita
email: antonio.vita@itae.cnr.it
Tel. +39090624297

Management plan

Contact person: Gaetano Maggio

Other contact persons: Gaetano SquadritoAgatino NicitaSusanna Maisano

Tasks: Management plan drafting


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