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20160512_161449ITAE develops and promotes environmentally-friendly innovative technologies and energy processes, through the use of  fossil and renewable  energy sources. In particular, ITAE expertise is linked to the preparation and characterisation of catalysts, supports, electrodes, membranes, sorption materials, etc., which are essential compounds of the devices for the realisation of the process of generating, transforming or storing energy. However, the activities of the institute cover also the development of components and system for energy conversion and storage for mobile and stationary applications., from computer-aided and model-based design to testing on complete devices. The research on energy systems is completed by analyses on complex systems such as buildings, small (towns) or big (regions) areas and LCA and social LCA.

The research lines concern the following technology topics:

Fuel cells

Hydrogen and environmentally-friendly fuels

Energy storage

Thermal Energy Systems

  • Adsorption chillers and heat pumps
  • Hybrid systems

Integrating new technologies with renewable energy sources


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